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Terms of Reference



The Winchester Park Residents’ Association (WPRA) promotes the safety, security and welfare of the Winchester Park Community through active engagement with residents, business owners, community services, local police, municipal, provincial and federal government representatives for the area and other appropriate agencies. The Winchester Park Residents’ Association is an advocate for the protection of our neighbourhood as an inclusive mixed residential community and works to ensure that all measures possible are taken to enhance the quality of life for all members of our community.



  • To work with community members, government and local agencies to ensure the safety, security and welfare of Winchester Park as a community.


  • To provide a voice for those in the community who may be marginalized in order to maintain a safe, inclusive community for all residents.


  • To raise awareness of the issues that the Winchester Park community faces in order to find solutions.


  • To serve as a link between the Winchester Park community and government and community services.


  • To empower and improve the community through education and advocacy.



Regular Members

The WPRA is a membership-based organization open to all community members in the area bounded by Parliament Street West, Carlton Street North, Sherbourne Street East and Wellesley Street South. All people living or working in this area, or parents of children attending Winchester Junior and Senior Public School, are welcome to join.

Associate Members

The WPRA also welcomes those who do not live or work in the area, but who have an interest in promoting the objectives of the WPRA. Those in this category can become Associate Members. They do not have voting power and cannot be Board Members.

Board Members

Membership of the volunteer WPRA board will consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of ten Regular Members.

Of the ten Board positions, one Board position shall be reserved for a representative of the Hugh Garner Board of Directors, one shall be reserved for a representative of the Fieldstone Cooperative Board of Directors, and one shall be reserved for a representative of the Star of Downtown Condominium. These three positions will be appointed by each of their respective boards with the WPRA Board retaining the right to reject the Board appointment of a proposed candidate if:

  1. the candidate is unable to meet the requirements for board membership outlined below

  2. the candidate does not support the mission and objectives of the WPRA


Requirements of Board Members:

  • Fulfill the position for a minimum 2 year term


  • Must be a Regular Member, as outline above


Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Support the mission and objectives of the WPRA


  • Attend at least 8 of approximately 12 Board meetings scheduled per year or at the call of the chair


  • Bring their unique perspectives to the discussion (e.g. home owners, co-op members, condo owners, social housing residents, renters, business owners)


  • Participate on sub‐committees or working groups as required


  • Act as a representative of the WPRA and its members to municipal and other governmental associations


  • Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that is respectful of all members of the WPRA Board. Bullying, harassment or violence will not be tolerated and any of these behaviours may result in a person being removed from their role as a Board Member


Removal from the Board

  • A Board Member can be removed from the Board for conduct that is inappropriate, as outlined above, or for failing to perform the duties involved in their role as a member of the Board.


  • In the event that removal of a Board Member has been suggested, a vote will be held by the Board of Directors of the WPRA. A vote of 70 per cent or more of the Board Members (excluding the person who is the subject of the vote) is needed to approve removal. The person who is subject of the vote cannot participate in this vote, but can address the Board with his or her position in this matter ahead of the vote.


Selection Process:

  • Three of the Board members will be appointed by their respective co-op or condominium boards, as outlined above.


  • Regular Members of the WPRA can request to join the Board at any time. If there are less than seven non-appointed members at the time of the request and the candidate can meet the requirements of Board membership, the Board will discuss the request and determine if the request will be granted. If there are seven non-appointed members at the time of the request, the Regular Member will be informed and told that their request will be put forward at the Annual General Meeting in November.


  • Once a year, at the annual general meeting, board members will be announced and an open call for nominations will take place. In the event that more than seven people stand for nomination, a vote will be held (the three appointed members are not subject to this process).


  • The WPRA Board of Directors will strive to be reflective of the community which it represents.

  • Appointment to the positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer are made by and voted on by the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting following the Annual General Meeting.


Requirements: (In addition to those of members)

  • Willingness to perform the duties of President as outlined below


Responsibilities: (In addition to those of members)

  • Fulfills position for a 1 year term


  • Sets agenda and chairs meetings


  • Communicates effectively with members


  • Represents the WPRA and its members to government and other local agencies


  • Represents the organization to the community


  • Leads in setting strategic direction


  • Guides and mediates Board activities


  • Annually reviews matters of governance that relate to the Board


  • Leads an annual review of the Board’s performance in achieving its mission


  • Delegates to other executive /directors where appropriate in supporting WPRA initiatives


  • Has  banking co-signing authority



Requirements: (In addition to those of members)

  • Willingness to perform the duties of Vice-President as outlined below


Responsibilities: (In addition to those of members)

  • Fulfils position for a 1 year term


  • Shares responsibilities noted above for the President


  • Represents the President when he or she is unable to attend WPRA meetings or functions


  • Has banking co-signing authority



Responsibilities: (In addition to those of members)

  • Fulfils position for a 1 year term


  • Manages the finances of the WPRA


  • Keeps accurate financial records


  • Provides quarterly financial reports to the Board


  • Provides a financial report to the membership at the Annual General Meeting


  • Has banking co-signing authority



Responsibilities: (In addition to those of members)

  • Fulfils position for a 1 year term


  • Takes minutes at Board meetings and ensures they are distributed to Board Members shortly after the meeting


  • Supports the communications needs of the WPRA, as appropriate


  • Has banking co-signing authority



  • The Board will meet 10 times a year or more, at the call of the President


  • At least once a year, in April, an annual general meeting of the WPRA will be called


  • Notice of meetings will be provided at least seven days prior to the meeting


  • Additional meetings for all members may be called throughout the year, as deemed appropriate by the members of the WPRA Board of Directors to provide information of interest to the community



  • Quorum consists of 50% of all Board Members plus one



  • When a vote is required, each Board Member will have one vote. All decisions will be made by the majority vote (51%) of board members present, providing quorum has been achieved, except in the case of removal of a member of the Board of Directors, as outlined above.


  • If there are more than seven nominations for the board, a vote of the Regular Members will take place at the annual general meeting in April.


  • Quorum for the annual general meeting will be more than 10 Regular Members


  • Votes must be made in person (no proxies) and each member will receive one vote


Reporting Structure

The WPRA will provide regular updates to the full membership via newsletters, social media and public meetings (held at least once per year). At these meetings, the work of the WPRA will be put forward and an opportunity to raise questions or concerns will be available to all Regular Members. All Regular Members have the opportunity to run for board membership or to put forward nominations for the board.


WPRA Funds

The WPRA is a not-for-profit organization that relies of the donations of community members.

All fees and other monies received by the WPRA will be deposited in a bank account opened in the name of the WPRA and will be dispersed only with the authority of two WPRA Board Members. The WPRA Board Member acting as treasurer will provide the Board with regular financial updates and will provide an update on finances to the Regular Members at the WPRA annual general meeting in April.

Last Updated: March 17, 2024

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