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Ontario Street Sidewalk Design Consultation Meeting Summary 

Date: May 7, 2024 on Zoom

Attendees: City – Councillor Chris Moise, Marzio Silva (Councillor Moise’s Office), Paul Young – Project Lead, Robert Mays – Senior Project Manager

Residents: people living on Ontario Street and surrounding area (10 people)

This PowerPoint presentation was used to guide the consultation meeting. 

Comments received from the residents:

  1. The sidewalk construction consists of two parts. One part is the sidewalk where people walk on. The other part is the adjacent area beside the sidewalk, currently covered by asphalt, called the boulevard. 

  2. The sidewalk will be covered in flexible material (from recycled tires) where it is pushed up by tree roots. And concrete where there are no roots.   

  3. The boulevard portion was given three options on slide 10. 

    1. Turfstone paving – it has small opening for greens to grow. 

    2. Rubber sidewalk panels

    3. Permeable pavers

  4. Residents’ feedback:

    1. Turfstone paving has openings and will trap garbage and shoes with spiky heels. It will require maintenance (grass trimmings) and it will be the residents’ responsibility. This option did not get positive feedback.

    2. Rubber Sidewalk panels – not natural materials. Residents’ opinion was neutral on this option.

    3. Permeable pavers – this is the option received positive feedback. It is a natural material, and no maintenance is required. 

  5. Maintain trees’ health – slide 11

    1. Unfortunately, the boxes will have to stay to keep the trees healthy because of established root systems inside the box.

    2. If a new tree is to be planted, then it can be planted in the ground. It will be up to the tree planting department to decide. 

  6. Planting perennials on the boulevard – Slides 12, 13

    1. Option 1 – part turfstone and part perennials

    2. Option 2 – all perennials

    3. Both options are not practical. Once the perennials are planted, it will be the responsibility of the residents to maintain them – water, weed, plant new ones when necessary. Some of the houses on the East side are renters and they won’t care about that and will not maintain it. The sidewalk is so narrow already, we need space for snow and garbage cans. Please no perennials on the boulevard. Dog pee and salt will destroy them in no time. 

    4. Perhaps perennials can be planted in tree boxes instead. 

  7. Small island of greenery at Carlton and Ontario – Slide 14

    1. There is no water access to maintain these plants.

    2. BIA promised to pick up the garbage and keep it tidy but who will keep the greens alive and well. The residents are already busy keeping Winchester Square Garden in good condition, we don’t need more work. 

    3. It will turn into an eyesore in no time with neglect. Please save our tax dollars and forget about it. 

    4. What the residents want is to remove the curbside bike lane, put the parked cars back onto the curbside, allow bikes to go both ways consistent to many one-way streets in our neighbourhood. The current design is endangering bikers and residents because of blind spots at the Ontario and Aberdeen intersection, not to mention the parking difficulties the residents must deal with daily. 50% of the parking spaces were lost due to this curbside bike lane design which is totally over serviced for this low traffic side street. 

  8. Bike lane between Winchester Park and Wellesley – Slide 21

    1. The curbside bike lane received strong negative feedback from the residents. 

    2. Townhouse residents on the west side all have driveways going onto the street. Moving parked cars closer to their driveways means many accidents are waiting to happen. 

    3. Parked cars should stay on the east side of the street and add signs to allow bikes to go both ways. 

  9. Other items – 

    1. The bump out where Ontario Street becomes 2-way traffic - A resident is complaining about the bump out causing him difficulties to turn left onto the driveway of Star condo. No practical solutions were achieved in the meeting. The City team will go back and discuss with others. 

    2. Speeding cars was identified as an issue by one resident, speed controls were suggested as part of the design considerations. 

If you have any other feedback, please send your comments to our Councillor Moise’s representative

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