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Walied Khogali

Candidate Khogali supports the investment in and conversion of the TCHC rooming houses to non-profits. His platform calls for redefining 'affordable' housing to be more appropriate to the reality.  He wants to see everyone on the waiting list for social housing accommodated. Wants to use inclusionary zoning on developments and changes to current regulations to allow seniors and others to make existing space available. He is very concerned with the housing portfolio in total and with short-term rentals (AirBnB) taking away usable rental housing stock. 

Regarding Wellesley/Parliament Square, Candidate Khogali reflected that many constituents are concerned and opposed to the development -particularly with traffic implications, public transit, use of limited green space and density issues. He has said that he will not meet privately with developers, but with the community based consultative groups involved. 


Regarding the parkette on Bleecker, Candidate Khogali agreed it is a safety issue and is opposed to residents paying any fee to rename the park.


Candidate Khogali is supportive of housing co-ops in context of his agenda to create pathways to home ownership for low-income residents. 


Regarding the Ontario St. sidewalk, Candidate Khogali agreed it is a priority item and that it should be repaired, made safe, etc. 

Overall his platform calls for inclusive hate-free communities. He calls for employment initiatives, careful development that will not increase property taxes or have negative impact on local business and home ownership. People-centred transit and transportation as a priority to keep business going. Invest in children and youth. Take concrete measures to address child poverty. 

Check out his website for more information. 


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