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Megann Willson

Candidate Willson lives in the Regent Park area and is very familiar with the community. She believes TCHC’s lack of responsiveness to their tenants and the surrounding community and the city’s failure to hold them to account more effectively is a major concern.

Candidate Willson is concerned about the lack of “community oriented” policing and the need for more officers on the street who interact positively with the public in the neighbourhood they cover. We don’t need more police in cars, we need police on the street acting in positive proactive ways instead of being only reactive. She is adamantly opposed to “carding” or any actions which really constitute de facto carding.

Candidate Willson has concerns about the conditions in St. Jamestown, especially landlord neglect of the properties there and development plans that do not take the needs of people already living in the community into consideration sufficiently, as well as the lack of transparency in the continuation of the redevelopment of Regent Park.

The lack of housing for renters and the complete lack of serious planning for the housing needs of lower income singles and families of the present and the future is of special concern for her. Living in Regent Park with its integrated housing for people from multiple income levels has informed her about the complexities of the needs and requirements of building successful mixed communities.

The need for more support for those living with addiction, including more “safe injection – overdose prevention” sites all over the city is important to her. She is very concerned about the lack of support services for the sites and the people they are intended to help and also feels they should be open 24 hours instead of the very abbreviated times they are now.

Candidate Willson supports an increase in transit solutions that include a lot more than just bicycles – which seems to be the focus of the Tory government.

Check her website for more information.

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