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Lucy Troisi

Candidate Troisi said quality of housing for the TCHC tenants is important to her. Issues such as security and safety. She had been able to call the TCHC president directly and get assistance to resolve issues quickly. She said that all the renovations underway is to enable the transition to third party agency management.

The Greatwise application for the 51 story condo and infilled buildings is still under review by the City. With additional 1,500 people living in the same space, Candidate Troisi said that adequate water pressure, sewage capacity, green space, school capacity and recreational space for seniors, children and teens and health services must be addressed. She drew attention to the lack of medical and other services for seniors living in St. Jamestown.

With 650 Parliament Street building under renovation after the fire, tenants have all been relocated to housing (either hotel or apartments). Greatwise are paying all the expenses plus some are being given food vouchers. As our current city councillor, Troisi has been staying on top of this file to make sure all the tenants have adequate housing and support. As councillor she will work with the Planning Department to make sure there is independent inspection of the other existing buildings before any approval is given for new development.


The small park between Fieldstone Co-op and Hugh garner Co-op is called Winchester Park, as is the large park on Ontario St. This is a concern where emergency services are required. For this reason the WPRA would like to see this small park renamed Bleecker Park. Candidate Troisi said she can take care of this request directly after the election is settled. She is very familiar on how to navigate the processes within Parks and Recreation because she used to work there.


Candidate Troisi was not aware of the problem with the sidewalk on Ontario Street. If elected, she will take it up with the Transportation Department.


With the new ward's 110,000 people she was asked how will she stay in touch with the residents. She will held regular meetings with BIAs and residents associations. Some kind of call center service will be available in the councillor's office similar to 311 but at the ward level. She said that how the system will operate is not clear at the moment but will be implemented for all wards.

Check her website for more information. 

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