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George Smitherman

Candidate Smitherman is supportive of the transition to supportive housing. He suggested that Section 37 funds could be utilized in a more transparent manner to re-invest up to 75 per cent of funds in social housing and new developments. He is eager to work with groups like the WPRA who are engaged in the community with important issues like the rooming houses.

Candidate Smitherman has concerns about the ability of the developers to maintain the existing buildings. He does not support the density of the proposed 51-storey development or creation of commercial ground floor space at Wellesley and Parliament.

Candidate Smitherman supports the re-development and repair of Ontario Street north of Prospect Street, all the way to St. James Avenue.

Candidate Smitherman suggests a Go-Fund-Me program to raise funds to re-name the parkette on Bleecker Street.

Candidate Smitherman would like to create a community councillor’s office to better use funds rather than circulate newsletters.

Check his website for more information.

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